Below is my work history and select projects from the last 10 years — everything from design systems to web and mobile apps, small business sites, email newsletters, marketing materials, and company identity systems.


Co-Founder 2015 – Present

Since 2015 I have been thinking and working on Observed — a qualitative research tool — with some coleagues as a side project. That consists of exploring, desiging, planning, building, and marketing. Everything needed to make this idea real and maybe, eventually, a business.


Observed Brand Identity


Concepts and Design

After getting stuck on the design direction for the product itself, my co-founder Craig Zheng and I took a step back to work on a brand identity system. This helped us establish a visual language that informed the product UI.


Observed Product & UI Design


Research, Concepts, Planning, Design, Prototyping, and Front-end Development

Years of research, exploration, iteration, and refinement by Craig and I have led us to a solid concept for v1.0 of Observed. This is the first step in the larger vision, and also a reflection of our approach to product design.


Product Designer 2012 – Present

I joined Hudl in 2012 as a Product Designer. During that time I worked on a variety of projects as a member of a few different small teams we called Squads. The work spanned from Web to iOS, to Android, to Mac OS. User Research and Documentation (especially with distributed teams) were a big part of our design process.

2017 – 2018

v3 UI Design & Concepts


User Research, Concepts, UI Design, Icon Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, and Front-end Development

Hudl v3 is an evolution of our main web application intended to address a set of new use cases and markets and provide a product foundation for the new few years. With 3 other designers, I spent some time exploring concepts and directions that would help us meet those requirements.

2016 – 2017

Uniform Design System


User Research, Concepts, Planning, UI Design, Icon Design, Prototyping, and Front-end Development

On a small team of designers and developers, working with our Creative Director John Henry Müller, I helped on an effort to establish a Design System for our product and brand (then figure out a way to retrofit it across a vast and fragmented product surface area).


IA & Navigation


User Research, Concepts, Planning, Design, Prototyping, and Front-end Development

I lead a small team on an effort to define a clear information architecture for our main product, establish some guidelines around the IA, and then implement the IA in a navigation system in our web app and mobile apps.


UI System


User Research, Concepts, Planning, Design

Building consistent and coherent UI that can be quickly and universally distributed across the entire product within a microservice-based architecture is not easy. I was on a team that recognized this problem, then built the solution.

2014 – 2016

Hudl iOS

Lead Designer

User Research, Concepts, Planning, UI Design, Icon Design, Prototyping, and Development

I was on a small team tasked with working on our mobile apps. This ended up being a huge set of responsibilities spanning release management, device test coverage, maintenance, re-architecture, and major redesigns across multiple device types starting with our iOS app on iPhone and iPad.

2014 – 2016

Hudl Android

Lead Designer

User Research, Concepts, Planning, UI Design, Icon Design, Prototyping, and Development

The team I was a part of responsible for our mobile apps also led an effort to modernize our Android app (which historically lagged behind our iOS app). This included some rearchitecture, but also a significant design update leveraging Material Design.


Designer & Product Manager 2011 – 2012

I joined Syncables in 2012 as a Designer and Product Manager to help them transition their main product from an OEM installed desktop application to a consumer web and mobile application. I helped rebrand the product, lead the creative direction and design, helped completely rearchitect the product technically, lead the UI design and worked with a front-end designer to build the new web-app, led the UI design of the mobile apps, and ultimately helped with the ownership transition after it was aquired.


LivePlay Personal Cloud

Lead Designer & Product Manager

User Research, Planning, Concepts, Identity Design, Web and Mobile UI Design, Icon Design, and Development

This was a complete rearchitecture and redesign to turn their existing OEM product into a consumer web and mobile application called LivePlay. I lead design across both platforms and helped guide development, along with working with a team on the marketing efforts.

Adams/Gilbert Co.

Co-Founder & Designer 2008 – Present(ish)

I co-founded the Adams/Gilbert Co. after college with a colleage, Zack Gilbert. We started doing some consulting with for small businesses, but eventually transitioned into a product company. We built a few product, before slowly winding down operations. Our two main products are still live, but aren't under active development.


Flint Publisher


Concepts, Planning, Marketing, Sales, UI Design, Identity Design, Front-end Development.

Flint Publisher was a CMS for Alt-Weekly newspapers. We attempted to infiltrate a pretty tough market with an entrenched competitor. We had some mild success, but never enough to break through. Despite that, I'm extremely proud of the quality of the product itself — especially built with just the team of two.


CITY Newspaper


Concepts, Planning, Sales, Marketing, UI Design, Icon Design, Front-end Development

The foundations of the Flint Publisher CMS were built out of a close relationship with CITY Newspaper. We helped them completely update and improve their entire web publishing presense, all while working closely with them on the features that would make up a compelling CMS for Alt-Weeklies.




Concepts, Planning, Marketing, UI Design, Icon Design, Support, Front-end Development

One of my proudest piece of work, and something that I and many others still use today is a bill reminder tool built way back in 2008 and redesigned in 2010. Built by just myself and my business partner Zack, this product was my first real software product and the fact that its still around, and still helping people, is extremely satisfying.


Freelance Designer 2010 – Present

I've been freelancing both on the side, and at times full-time, for about 8 years. During that time I've worked on huge variety of projects for a number of clients. A sampling of which can be seen below.