About Me–

I've worked on many things in many capacities, but in all those situations my role was most simply: Designer.

You can over-complicate this stuff or get too concerned with the classifications (Product, UI, UX, Interactive, whatever), but to me it's all design — the verb. It's doing the work. Understanding the problem, the people who face that problem, the opportunity, the constraints. Then devising your best solution, executing it to a high level with, and learning from the results.

And each problem is different and requires a different approach, so I try not to get too caught up in process or methodology chasing. Sometimes you need to add something, sometimes you need to take it away. Sometimes you need a system improvement, or technology advancement, other times you need a business or structural change.

It's all about finding the right balance. If I do that well, with taste and care, and if it works great and feels right and it's clear and understandable and makes someone's life better… then I've done my job as a Designer.

– Nick

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Professional History

2006 Present

May '06

Graduated from RIT

Jun '06

Co-Founded SEEN

Jun '07

Launched billQ

Jan '08

Co-Founded A/G Co.

Sep '08

Launched Flint Publisher

Jan '11

Designer at Syncables

Mar '12

Designer at Hudl

Active Side Projects

  • billQ

    Bill reminder and management app.

  • Observed

    Qualitative research tool for software teams.

  • Rochester Made

    Local entrepreneurship community.

  • Framing

    My CSS library for styling web projects.

  • Foundations

    My library of starter templates for web projects.

Retired Side Projects


This site was built by clicking and typing. It was designed in Sketch and developed in Sublime Text 3 using my personal CSS library called Framing.

It's powered by Jekyll, a Ruby-based static site generator, using my personal template library called Foundations. It is hosted on the excellent Netlify and also uses their DNS and CDN.

The typography stack is Kepler Std by Adobe (serif) and Aktiv Grotesk by Dalton Maag (sans serif), and is served through TypeKit.

Any icons used are either custom or slightly edited versions of icons from the open source FontAwesome Free set, with the SVGs optimized using SVGO.

Tools I'm Currently Using...

For Designing
Figma, Sketch, Affinity, Principle, Sublime Text, Xcode

For Building
HTML, CSS, Sass, PostCSS, React, Ruby on Rails

For Thinking
Notion, Todoist, Coffee, Walks, Showers, Golf