About Me–

I've worked on many things in many capacities, but in all those situations my role was basically: Designer.

Sure, technically you could call what I've done Interactive Design, UI Design, and Product Design, but to me it's simply, Design. It's the task of understanding a problem, devising a solution, and seeing it through to completion.

Each problem requires a different approach, but for the most part I try to balance the needs of the business, leverage the appropriate technology, optimize the supporting system, and always ensure I'm helping a human being solve a problem — making their life just a little bit better in the process.

If I do all of the above well — if it works great and feels right and is clear and understandable — I've done my job as a Designer.

– Nick

Professional History

2006 Present


Graduated from RIT


Started ag/c


Launched billQ

Side Projects